Our History

Charitable Foundation "Center for Civic Initiatives" (CF CCI) - ukrainian CSO, created in Perechin, Zakarpatska oblast by group of initiative citizens in March 1996. First activity directions at the moment was providing rest time for children and youth. In March 1997 organization was officially registered as charitable foundation aimed on assistance in developing local initiatives. which are directed on strengthening of democratic, civil society in Ukraine by developing and implementing different programs and projects directed on democratization of society, support of CSOs, local authorities and initiative groups.

Step by step organization's staff  learned to act coherently and effectively. First Foundation's program "Kids studio "Radist" gradually become in bigger program, that involved not only participants of studio, but also majority of the kids of Perechin rayon. In 1999 organization's  volunteers  initiated conducting 600 anniversary of Perechin town. Local Council supported such initiative, but couldn't finance this event. Just than organiztion first tried to write small project and were supported by Carpathian Foundation for conducting few events for 600 anniversary of Perechin town.  After implementing this project organization got first positive experience in project activity and cooperation with local authorities. Than common with Local Council were realized few more interesting initiatives. As a result of such activity organization add new positions on Articles of Association - assistance in developing local self-government, involving public in deciding local problems. Same time representatives of other CSOs began to appeal to CF CCI on implementing projects, preparation of project applications and project management. Organization has already two trainers of Creative Center Counterpart, who had a possibility to provide consultations on these topics. This is the way how organization began to work on third activity direction - assistance in developing CSOs.