Charitable Foundation "center for Civic Initiatives" (CFCCI) - ukrainian civil society organization, created in Perechin, Zakarpatska oblast by group of initiative citizens in March 1996.

Our mission:

We promote the development of civil society,
supporting public initiatives!
Main activity directions of the organization are:
- Promoting the development of civil society organizations (CSOs).
- Promoting the development of territorial communities.
- Cross-border cooperation.
- Promoting transparency, openness and accountability in society.

Main activities:

- Informational and educational activities;
- Administration of grant programs;
  - Representation of the interests of civil society and their protection;
Target groups:
- civil society organizations, including civic organizations;

- public holdings, charitable organizations / foundations / institutions, national and cultural associations;

- initiative groups of citizens;
 - local governments.

We are pleased to invite all those, who wishes  joining the active processes of developing democracy in Ukraine, become a participant or volunteer of  CF CCI