Current Projects

                                 "Together to Success"

Donor : Program for Promoting Public Activity "Engage!" (Pact Inc.)

Project realization terms:  15.01.2018 - 15.07.2019.

Project aim is developing potential of local CSOs for providing long-term public involvement in processes of management in UTCs, by improving citizens awareness and increasing their active participation in community life on local level by using democratic mechanisms.

          Ukrainian Regional Platform for Public Initiatives

Donor:  Delegation of the European Union in Ukraine

Ukrainian Regional Platform for Public Initiatives

Project realization terms:  01.06.2015 - 31.01.2018 рр.

Project aim: support of local CSOs, especially those, which are located in remote areas for omproving it's active participation in democratic changes.

                                «Young Forest Rangers»

Donor : US Forest Service

Project Aim: To attract the attention of the public to the problem of deforestation in the Carpathian region of Ukraine and educate children to respect a nature and to expand their knowledge of effective nature management. Participants will gain practical skills and habits of behavior in nature (in the woods, near the water ...) by participating in the "Young Forest Rangers" clubs in five regions of Western Ukraine, which will organize their system of their activities.[SSR-1] Represantatives of national nature parks of Western Ukraine will also be involved in project as consultants in developing educational program for young rangers.

«Communicational Support and Involving Society in     Reform Process»

Donor : POLiS Program

«Communicational Support and Involving Society in Reform Process» - part of the POLiS program is aimed on build cooperation between Police and those, for who it works for and who protects, by organization meetings of local policemen and public on a basis of local libraries.

Project realization terms: 20.09.2016 - 15.02.2017.

Project implements by IREX in partnership with Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, DLO and financial support by INL.

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