"Partnership "Open Government"- Cooperation Steps


21 of August in conference-hall of hotel "Emigrand" in Uzhgorod was conducted discussion on "Partnership "Open Goverment" Cooperation Steps".

Meeting was aimed on discussion about implementation of action plan of Initiative "Partnership "Open Goverment" 2016-2018. Representetives of CSOs, Zakarpattya Regional Council and Uzhgorod Local Government took part in this meeting.

Meeting was conducted by CF CCI in partnership with CSO "Center of Womens Perspective (Lviv)", "Volyn Institute of Law" (Lutsk) and CSO "Podillya Law League" (Khmelnytskyi), financed by UNDP as a part of "Partnership "Open Government" 2018 - 2020"

Head of the Board of CF CCI Andrie Vyshnyak presented to all participants results implemented in  Ukraine as a part of initiative "Partnership "Open Goverment"  during last years. Head of the Department of Economical Development and Trade Denys Man informed about steps made for implementing Initiative on a regional level. Among other important directions now Zakarpattya has active use a PROZORRO procurement system, electronic appeals system etc.

Olena Makara - manager of Uzhgorod Local Council shared local experience in implementing initiative. For all participants were presented electronic services, which are already available for citizens, and services that are available in Local Service Center and perspectives on future new possibilities.